Roller Rules

Kelly's Roller Skating - it's the way we roll Rules

*1. Please ensure that you heed all signs

* 2. Socks must be worn when wearing hire skates.

* 3. Skate within your own ability

* 4. NO FOOD or DRINKS to be taken on to the skating rink.

* 5. No cameras, phones or photography on the rink

* 6. Please also note, We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

* 7. No spectators are allowed on the skating rink. Please use the viewing areas provided

* 8. Please skate in an anti-clockwise direction, unless otherwise instructed by the skate marshals

* 9. Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or anyone under the influence, will not be permitted on the premises.

* 10. Please listen to the skate marshals, they are there for your safety!

* 11. All patrons must report any injuries to the management, regardless of the severity.

* 12. If you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition or injury that may be aggravated by exercise, please do not skate.

* 13. While skating; no pushing, fast skating, playing tag, or suddenly stopping at any time on the skate floor is permitted, as these actions will jeopardize the safety of other skaters.

* 14. NO horseplay or disruptive behaviour

* 15. No profanity. Repetitive profanity and foul or abusive language will lead to suspension from the building.

* 16. No in-and-out privileges or loitering on the property.

* 17. No one is allowed behind the skate desk or in the DJ area.

* 18. No skates are to be worn in the toilets. Get your shoes from the skate desk and put them back on. You may retrieve your skates afterwards.

* 19. No standing still on the skating floor. Do not climb over the wall or chairs. No sitting on tables.

* 20. No chewing gum allowed                          

* 21. No smoking in the building.

* 22. No skates/rollerblades to be worn entering or leaving the building.

* 23. No carrying of children whilst on skates at any time!!

Roller Rules for Use of Own Skates

Use of own roller skates / roller blades (inline skates) IS welcomed but must meet the following criteria. In order to be approved they must be:

* 1. clean – please clean them before arriving at the rink.

* 2. No excessively worn wheels or wheel stops.

* 3. NO skates can be worn into or out of the building!

* 4. Please ensure that you are wearing socks in the event that you need to remove your skates.

* 5. NO exceptions will be made.


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